“My husband and I could not be more pleased with our experience with Mournestaffs! I was new to the process of selecting a dog through a breeder, but I don’t think it could have been a more enjoyable process. Andrew did a great job of sending us regular updates and pictures/videos of the puppies and he was always quick to answer any questions we had. Maybelle, our new little girl, is absolutely beautiful and has been such a fun and wonderful addition to our little family.”

Mills Family


Maybelle picture here with our red rescue mix

My name is Laura Whitty from Louisville Kentucky and I saw my first staffordshire bull terrier 6 years ago and was committed to getting one of these wonderful dogs. After searching for breeders I decided to contact Andrew Scott in Tyrone Georgia. My three year experience with Mournestaffs Kennel ( Andrew Scott) proved to be a very rewarding experience. Raised in Andrew’s home these pups are perfection of the breed. They are loyal, love people especially children , intelligent and wonderful companion dogs. My first staffie from Andrew was a male Sherman followed by a female Gilda. They are 3 years old now.

Andrew truly loves his dogs and produces wonderful staffies.

Again I highly recommend Andrew Scott and Mournestaff as a Staffordshire Bull Terrier breeder.

Laura Whitty


I can not say enough about your awesome pups. This was my first staffy. I now have two. Thanks to you. Peter is the pup I got from you. The experience was very informative and professional. Peters breed and temperament are exceptional. He has a smile for everyone. Excellent with the grandkids and other animals, even our cats. He is my companion and friend. I love that guy. Thank you so much for letting us enjoy one another. 

Ward Family


We were absolutely thrilled with our Mournestaffs Kennel experience from start to finish. Our new puppy’s health, appearance, and initial training was well beyond our high expectations, and we could not be more pleased. Andrew and his team kept us informed regularly with pictures, videos, and progress reports that helped us feel part of her first weeks of life. I would partner with Mournestaff again in a heartbeat. 

Corsey Family


Our experience with Andrew at Mournestaffs was second to none.  You receive the best of both worlds as it relates to the breed and breeder, too.  Andrew is a man of high integrity and focused on maintaining the highest standards for the Staffordshire Bull Terrier.  Thankful our paths crossed.

Miller Family


We purchased our puppy from Mr. Andrew Scott in the summer of 2017. It was a seamless purchase and one that our family is very thankful for. Mr. Scott even made our pick up of Copper simple by flying him, in his own seat, to meet us much closer to our home town than we originally thought was necessary.

Since the day Copper came home with us he has been a very important member of our family...he fit and was the easiest puppy to train!

Wilson Family

Shawn, Devin and Reid


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My experience with Mournestaff has been excellent from the very beginning.  The timing of our adoption conflicted with my wedding plans, and Andrew was very helpful and understanding and made accommodations to allow my family to enjoy the special occasion, without us having to sacrifice the new member of our family; we are forever grateful.  In addition, I couldn’t imagine life without our pup.  He is full of joy and sweet tempered, very affectionate and caring and my two young children absolutely adore him.  My pup is very gentle and patient with the kids and I couldn’t have wished for a better companion.  He gets compliments on every walk because of his huge smile and he has a quite affectionate with strangers.  He is convinced that everyone that sees him loves him, and is not shy about offering himself up to he pet.  My experience has just been wonderful.

Evei Family


We have an older staffy at home and recently brought home a new puppy from Andrew. The process could not have been better.  Andrew was in constant contact and my wife and I loved the photo and video updates as our puppy grew old enough to be adopted.  Our new puppy is happy, healthy, and extremely well adjusted.   He is great with our older dog and could not be more friendly to family, friends, and neighborhood dogs and children.  We will definitely go back to Andrew if we get another staffy in the future!

Freeman Family


This was our first puppy purchase and Andrew made it a seamless process from the very beginning. We communicated through email, but he was very responsive. He was patient and answered all of my questions; and I had plenty of them with this being our first puppy. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Andrew even offered to fly a little closer to us to ease some of the travel stress, but we decided as a family to take the trip and make it a memory. We did extensive research on the breed and training and started right away with potty training etc. Our puppy fits right in with our family and her personality brings so much joy to us and those around. She loves to play with our girls and anyone and I mean anyone she meets LOL. She thinks everyone is there to see her and she must be pet upon eye contact. Thank you so much Andrew for providing such a wonderful experience and a new member of our family. If we are ever in the market for another puppy we will not hesitate to purchase from him again. 

Joyner Family


Thanks again for everything.  Deebo is great and our family loves him so much.

Williams Family


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Honestly the experience has absolutely been a 10 out of 10 and from the very beginning all the way through collecting the my new boy Kingston.

I was really impressed with the continual contact all the way through the process with updates and photo regarding the pregnancy the birth and the puppies growth and mannerisms.

I was also pleased to be given an incredible amount of information regarding the breed how to take care of them and what to feed them medicines etc.

The breeder was ultra responsive super nice and friendly to deal with.  In addition I had a trip planned to Kauai prior to collecting the pup and the breeder was ultra accommodating in facilitating the pups delivery and delayed pick up.

My dog Kingston is amazing; and he was already potty trained when I got him and he’s incredibly smart, funny, confident and inquisitive.

I love his unique markings and wrinkled cuddly puppy body.

He has an adventurous playful attitude and his bone structure is rocksolid.

I find this breed to be much easier to control and train in comparison to my past dogs.

I purchased this pup for a companion family dog; my wife was very apprehensive which she quickly got over within the first 10 minutes of seeing the cutest little puppy and she is madly in love with our little boy. Kingston loves to dig in mom's long hair. I will absolutely 100% recommend Mournestaffs Staffordshire Bull Terriers to anybody looking for a Staffordshire terrier. This breeder is very special. I have zero regrets and looking forward to more adventures with Kingston is my shadow and best friend. I am happy to share my experience you can email me at:

Joe Heller